Our Service


we provide patent searches and advisory on the patentability of the invention, proof reading and translation of patent specification in various field (chemical/chemical engineering, mechanical/electrical/civil/industrial engineering, pharmacy) and IP-related documents, 

we assist in filing prosecution patent at the national phase of PCT application and standard patent application from filing through to grant, take over representation to handle the pending patent and handle maintenance fee of the registered patent. 



we provide trademark availability and registrability of trademark searches and carried out preliminary assessments to client’s proposed trademarks, prepared, and filed new trademark applications for registration,

we prepare and file opposition notices against similar and identical trademarks which infringed client’s trademark, developed counterstatements against oppositions submitted by third parties to secure the trademark registration,

we prepare and file arguments and appeals against trademark examiner’s decisions,

we represented clients to maintain their trademark portfolios by assisting with renewal, changes/assignments of trademark and service mark, and other related actions.


Industrial Design

we provide design searches and advisory on the registrability of industrial design, assist to prosecute industrial design application, from filing through to grant.


Copyright, layout design of integrated circuit and trade secret

we provide conducted and recordation.



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